Term & Condition

Our site is intended to give the administrations and adequate data about the item however there are sure decides and direction that purchasers are required to take after. With a specific end goal to work properly AR Style99 jam the privilege to roll out improvements in the approaches occasionally. Furthermore, the understanding would be powerful from the minute it is being posted on sites. Buyers ought to familiarize themselves from strategies and approaches appended to the item. AR Style99 gives finish and general data which clients ought to take after. These terms and conditions are not formalised to confine or amend the facilities or services that are provided to consumers. Thus, the duty lies on the shopper’s side to twofold check the terms and conditions before purchasing.

  • Client should be more than age of 18, below that would be treated as a minor
  • In the state of accepting the terms by buyers, it is accepted that they are major or more 18 years old
  • If there occurs a breakage or misuse of product, AR Style99 holds rights toreward the misfortunes from guardians of minor
  • Customers can place orders by filling the forms given on AR Style99 site
  • In the wake of putting in a request shopper can get PC produced arrange number through email
  • Other related data about the process of installment and conveyance of the item would be given to buyer through email
  • If there should be an occurrence of any sort of dismissal of request in the wake of making instalment, one can contact through email
  • Payment procedure is quiet easy at AR Style99. We use PayPal and Zaakpay Secure Payment Gateway to process payments for Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Net Banking & Phone Banking
  • Complete information about the payment is required before entertaining any kind of order If the order is placed in weekend or on holidays then in that case processing of order will start on next working day
  • Products are delivered within 2 weeks after the payment is received as it takes about 2 to 5 working days to transfer payment into account
  • Delivery of order should be taken in person, if the payment is made through credit card. In case of non presence any authorized person should be available in behalf of individual
  • Receipt is provided on delivery of product, which acts as confirmation of payment
  • On account of unavailability of product, its depiction or price changes AR Style99 preserves the right for cancellation of product order. Even those products that are accepted to deliver can be cancelled
  • Prior information is provided to the consumer about the cancellation of order. No chargers are charged for cancellation
  • Consumer retains the full right to cancel the order before delivery of order by Consumer Support Services during working hours. After dispatch of product, order would not be cancelled and customers are required to accept it according to the terms and conditions. If payment of the product is failed then in that case, cancellation can be done

In case of damages, users can return their product but they are required to go through certain procedure in order to return it.

  • In order to return the product, Return Authorization Number also known as RA No. can be obtained from AR Style99
  • Order Number, Picture of damaged product and described reason to return the product should be provided by email
  • After complete evaluation of the problem, suitable instruction and return address to return the product will be provided
  • Consumers are required to return the products only in its original packing AR Style99 at return address. RA No. should be labeled very clearly on the packing

Consumers are familiar to experience the terms completely before putting in each request. As expressed before, AR Style99 jelly the privilege to roll out improvements in wording and conditions with respect to items instalment, its conveyance and its accessibility.

  • Complains related to products are accepted only when the product is not opened or damaged
  • Customer Support service is provided and customer can contact them through the mail
  • Client Support administration is given and client can get in touch with them through the mail
  • In the event of conveyance of various item we acknowledge grumble by means of mail and appropriate administration is given as needed
  • On the off chance that wrong shipment of item is made or item conveyed is not quite the same as the specimens appeared on the sites, then we will give back the item or trade it as indicated by the shopper request
  • If there should be an occurrence of trade or confuse of item, substitution should be possible inside 2 weeks subsequent to getting the item
  • Exchange of product can be entertained through Customer Services only within the 14 days in case of any kind of damages or scratches